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About the Program
In an effort to maximize the potential in young players and increase their knowledge of the goalkeeping position, the Elite Goalkeeper Academy 6 month training program was developed.  The academy is designed to establish a solid foundation on which a player can continually build through training techniques, tactics, and other essential pieces needed to play this position.  The program will offer goalkeepers the opportunity to get together on a regular basis to train, discuss issues in their play, view video, meet with guest speakers and players and plan for their future in the sport.  

Why the need?

I designed the program based on what was needed most in the development of a goalkeeper, repetition and follow-up.  Although great training environments, camps provide valuable instruction only for the duration of the camp and the experience ends when the player leaves the camp.  If a player makes a critical mistake on technique in a game four weeks after leaving camp, who is there to speak to them about it?  Participants in the academy program will have someone available to speak with AND have the next training session to discuss and even work on that situation.  The continual follow-up and repetition in training makes the education of the player more effective.  Additionally, and unlike the camp environment, an academy goalkeeper has a longer time of recovery after each session.

Program Size
The academy will consist of 2 groups of players with a maximum number of 15 players in each group.
  • U10 to U13 Boys and Girls
  • U14 to U17 Boys and Girls
  • U18 and U19 – College preparation for HS Senior (If needed)
Curriculum and Duration:
The academy program will run over an 8 month period with training sessions being held weekly.  The sessions will run December through July and be one hour in duration.  During these months of training, the academy goalkeepers will have the opportunity to work on a number of goalkeeping techniques and tactics coupled with a strength and conditioning program.  

Goalkeeping Techniques and Tactics
  • Catching
  • Footwork
  • Diving and Deflecting
  • Breakaways
  • Penalty Kicks
  • Crosses
  • Boxing
  • Distribution – Punting/Drop Kicks/Goal Kicks/Throwing
  • Angle Play
  • Communication
  • Goalkeeper Fitness
  • Organization of Set Pieces/Corner Kicks/Long Throw Ins
  • Game Management
Strength and Conditioning Program
  • Speed
  • Endurance
  • Power
  • Explosion
  • Strength
  • Agility
Two to three times during the course of the Academy program, each player will be given different forms of evaluation to measure their progress.  These evaluations will be thorough; hand written evaluations, verbal meetings, on-line and videotape analysis.

Program Design:
Director of Program Development and Operation will be John Gregg, NSCAA National licensed Goalkeeper coach.  The program will also have other staff coaches available to work with each of the groups in training sessions, if needed.  

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